2  kirstie_rea_2013_Apricots-abundance

Kirstie Rea – Apricots Abundance 2013


CAPO’s Emerging Artists’ Prize exhibition at M16 Artspace has now closed. Purchasers can arrange to pick up their artwork during M16’s business hours Wednesday to Friday, 12-5 pm.

We congratulate our prize-winning curators, Hannah Webb and Ella Morrison on the production of a stunning show that sets an admirable standard for any following Emerging Artists’ Prize exhibition. As to what’s happening in that arena, all we can say at the moment is to watch this space.

The winner of the CAPO Emerging Artists' Prize, Kael Stasce, surrounded by the EAP Team

The winner of the CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize, Kael Stasce, surrounded by the EAP Team

This year’s winning Emerging Artist is Kael Stasce. One of the works he entered in this year’s exhibition is shown below. 

Some of Kael's prize-winning work, on show at CAPO's EAP exhibition

Some of Kael’s prize-winning work, shown at CAPO’s EAP exhibition recently

And now that the Emerging Artists’ Prize is all over bar the shouting, CAPO turns its attention to the annual CAPO Auction Party and exhibition. Planning for this year’s exhibition is already well advanced for an opening at CMAG on 31st October before the CAPO Auction Party takes place on the evening of Saturday, 7th November. 

As always, following @CAPOnews on Twitter is the fastest way to find out what’s happening.

PS – did you miss out on seeing the Emerging Artists’ Exhibition?  Here’s a glimpse of what we did.