Sample Award Application

If you’ve never applied for a CAPO Award before, this is a good place to start.

When you apply, you’ll be filling in a web form but in order to complete this journey to your (and our) satisfaction you should start with some information about your project. If you haven’t done so already, this is a good time to put a brief document together about your project. If you don’t quite know where to start, CAPO has provided an example here. When it comes to your application, you can excerpt parts of this when responding, or just attach it as a complete project description.

CAPO will need to see some examples of your work to help in judging. Depending on your field of endeavour, that might be JPGs of your work, or an .avi, .mp3, PDF or some other format. The straightforward ones can be loaded with your application – if you have something out of the box when it comes to work examples, you might need to contact CAPO in order to lodge the material aspect of your application.

You will also need a budget for your project. The CAPO Awards this help page are aimed at are the Emerging Artist grants, so the budget is likely to amount to $500 or less (because that’s the maximum amount CAPO’s Emerging Artist awards will provide). The budget can be a very brief document for this scale of project, but again, we have provided an example for you here.

Finally, you’ll need your CV. This will help you populate some of the other fields in your online application, but we need you to lodge a copy of this in your application anyway. An example CV is provided here.

If you run into trouble when submitting your application, please contact CAPO directly.

You will receive a confirmation by email that your application has been successfully lodged. If you don’t receive this, you must contact the CAPO Office to ensure your application is successfully received.

Good luck!