Presentation Night NOV21

CAPO presented awards to winners in the 2021 Grants Round at this event, held at Canberra Contemporary Art Space on 24th November.

CAPO MG_3706-600x400 CAPO MG_3699-600x400 CAPO MG_3694-600x400 CAPO MG_3692-600x400 CAPO MG_3687-600x400 CAPO MG_3678-600x400 CAPO MG_3676-600x400 CAPO MG_3675-600x400 CAPO MG_3672-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3670-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3668-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3664-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3660-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3658-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3657-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3653-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3649-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3647-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3645-Copy-600x400 CAPO MG_3709-600x400 CAPO MG_3714-600x400 CAPO MG_3721-600x400 CAPO MG_3723-600x400 CAPO MG_3729-600x400 CAPO MG_3730-600x400 CAPO MG_3733-600x400 CAPO MG_3735-600x400 CAPO MG_3739-600x400 CAPO MG_3741-600x400 CAPO MG_3743-600x400 CAPO MG_3747-600x400 CAPO MG_3748-600x400 CAPO MG_3751-600x400 CAPO MG_3756-600x400 CAPO MG_3759-600x400 CAPO MG_3760-600x400 CAPO MG_3768-600x400 CAPO MG_3769-600x400 CAPO MG_3773-600x400 CAPO MG_3783-600x400 CAPO MG_3792-600x400 CAPO MG_3798-600x400 CAPO MG_3809-600x400 CAPO MG_3816-600x400 CAPO MG_3830-600x400 CAPO MG_3837-600x400 CAPO MG_3844-600x400 CAPO MG_3849-600x400 CAPO MG_3850-600x400 CAPO MG_3852-600x400 CAPO MG_3857-600x400 CAPO MG_3852-600x400 CAPO MG_3850-600x400 CAPO MG_3849-600x400 CAPO MG_3844-600x400 CAPO MG_3837-600x400 CAPO MG_3830-600x400 CAPO MG_3816-600x400 CAPO MG_3809-600x400 CAPO MG_3798-600x400 CAPO MG_3792-600x400 CAPO MG_3783-600x400 CAPO MG_3773-600x400 CAPO MG_3769-600x400 CAPO MG_3768-600x400 CAPO MG_3760-600x400 CAPO MG_3759-600x400 CAPO MG_3756-600x400 CAPO MG_3751-600x400 CAPO MG_3748-600x400 CAPO MG_3747-600x400 CAPO MG_3743-600x400 CAPO MG_3741-600x400 CAPO MG_3739-600x400 CAPO MG_3735-600x400 CAPO MG_3733-600x400 CAPO MG_3730-600x400 CAPO MG_3729-600x400 CAPO MG_3723-600x400 CAPO MG_3721-600x400 CAPO MG_3719-600x400

All pics by Hilary Wardhaugh