On Friday 22nd July CAPO launched its 2016 season at CMAG in Canberra. CAPO President Penny Jurkiewicz opened proceedings, followed by CAPO Patron Paul McDermott. We also had ACT Minister for the Arts Dr Chris Bourke announcing the Robert Foster Memorial Award, and Mark Van Veen speaking about 2016 CAPO Fellow Peter Vandermark’s current work.

Local snapper Hilary Wardhaugh (www.hwp.com.au) recorded our party for posterity and her images are below!

CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO000-1-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO001-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO002-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO003-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO005-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO006-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO007-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO008-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO010-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO011-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO013-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO014-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO015-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO016-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO017-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO020-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO023-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO027-300x450  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO028-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO030-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO032-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO034-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO035-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO036-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO039-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO040-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO041-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO043-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO044-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO045-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO046-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO047-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO049-300x200  CAPO 2016_07_26CAPO050-300x200