CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize

Changes at the ANU, combining Art History and Curatorship with the School of Art have given CAPO the opportunity to highlight and reward outstanding Art History graduates through the annual ANU Emerging Artists’ Support Scheme (EASS) awards.

The Emerging Artists’ Prize (or EAP) has come into existence as a vehicle to promote emerging artists from the Canberra district. CAPO has a long history of supporting emerging artists but for some time has felt the need to provide them with their own space and their own exhibition, while continuing to support the wider arts community.

As a result, the CAPO EAP will achieve dual goals, providing art historians the opportunity to curate a professional exhibition, while showcasing the overflowing talent within the Canberra region in an exclusive exhibition.

Last year, CAPO presented the CAPO Curatorial Internship Award to Art History and Curatorship graduate Sophia Halloway. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, she has been unable to curate her exhibition this year. It will however be available in early 2021 at East Space CCAS. Watch this space.

Sadly, CAPO is unable to sponsor the award for 2020 – again due to COVID. We fund the award thought sales from our annual auction in October / November, and this year will be unable to follow through, as there is no auction scheduled.

However, we fully intend – restrictions permitting – to continue with the CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize in 2021.

For a look back at how the CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize came into being, here is Ellen Wignell’s 2015 essay “Drawing the lines for the CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize“.

CAPO Emerging Artists' Prize

CAPO 2019 Curatorial Intern Sophia Halloway