M E D I A  R E L E A S E

11 November 2013

A gala night of arts and entertainment that is not to be missed

The Canberra Museum and Gallery in Civic Square will open its doors at 6.45pm on Saturday, 23rd November 2013, to welcome guests of Capital Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO) to the CAPO 30 gala auction and awards ceremony.  Throughout the evening, there will be music by Sally Greenaway and the Connexion Big Band and a superb selection of gourmet food and drinks. 

The CAPO annual exhibition offers an insightful look into the life and culture surrounding Australia’s capital through the eyes and minds of the leading local artists whose works are on display.  A catalogue accompanies this significant exhibition and is available at the auction and online.

Over 150 artworks will be on show, ready to be auctioned during the night, and valued from $100 to over $5000. They include works in lighting, photography, painting, printmaking, drawing, jewellery, sculpture, textiles, ceramics and glass.

A record fourteen awards, including the prestigious CAPO Fellowship, will be given to artists.  CAPO’s awards are granted to support artists’ professional practices and projects, and are assessed on artistic merit, community benefit and significant opportunity for the art practice.

Susan Ellis, a member of The Griffyn Ensemble and a former CAPO Fellow said, “Every year I have a blast trying to get a bargain and pick the ‘chosen’ art at the Art Auction Gala and Award announcements. I am always happy and excited with the treasures I bring home and really, it is a highlight of the year for me. CAPO assisted me to go to Germany so I encourage others to support the next fortunate artist who will have the life changing opportunity I had”. 

Another record number of 102 artists from Canberra and the Capital region have donated to the CAPO 30 exhibition, which will open to the public at CMAG from 16-23 November from 9am – 5pm, prior to the auction. The exhibition is free of charge to visitors. This is a great opportunity to view the works at leisure and identify favourites prior to the auction.

CAPO President Neil Doody said, “Every year, the Board is grateful for the support of artists in our community who generously donate works.  We appreciate the support of CMAG in presenting the exhibition over this week.”

Tickets for the CAPO 30 gala auction and artist awards ceremony on the 23rd of November can be purchased online at www.capo.org.au. Only ticket holders can bid in the auction.

CAPO is a non-profit organisation and all proceeds are directed to the local arts community through grants and fellowships.  CAPO is generously supported by donations from Canberra’s artists and leading businesses.

Full list of CAPO 30 donating artists follows below.

Interviews can be arranged. Images are available.



  • Alison Alder            
  • Micky Allen
  • Alan Arab    
  • Alex Asch                
  • Brett Bailey  
  • Angela Bakker       
  • Jane Barney           
  • Emma Beer                                                 
  • Vivienne Binns OAM
  • Sean Booth and Ann McMahon
  • Penny Boyer  
  • Alexander Boynes            
  • Robert Boynes
  • Julie Bradley
  • Jacqueline Bradley   
  • Ximena Briceño                 
  • Briolette       
  • Di Broomhall        
  • Leah Bullen            
  • Heather Burness   
  • Sarah Carlson          
  • Emily Casey   
  • Scott Chaseling                 
  • Luke Chiswell        
  • Liz Coates   
  • Sarit Cohen             
  • Erin Conron  
  • Leeanne Crisp                   
  • Karen Cromwell                 
  • Elissa Crossing                 
  • Jodie Cunningham
  • Matthew Curtis  
  • Ham Darroch
  • Bronwyn Davies     
  • Michelle Day                       
  • Mariana Del Castillo
  • Nicola Dickson   
  • Sally Dunbar     
  • Trevor Dunbar    
  • Jane Dunn  
  • Daniel Edwards   
  • Anna Eggert           
  • Linzie Ellis   
  • Tania Evans                       
  • Jack Featherstone  
  • F!Nk
  • Diane Firth   
  • Caren Florance
  • Di Fogwell
  • John Forrester Clack  
  • Robert Foster   
  • Sarah Freeman      
  • Mel George  
  • Franck Gohier
  • Carol Griffiths    
  • Marie Hagerty
  • Lizzie Hall
  • Nicci Haynes    
  • Chayni Henry     
  • Lauren Hewitt  
  • Cherry Hood   
  • Fiona Hooton    
  • Ellis Hutch               
  • Alison Jackson        
  • Megan  Jackson
  • David Jensz
  • Peter Jordan            
  • Kei Kalak
  • Andrew Kaminski              
  • Karena Keys    
  • Julian Laffan
  • Carmen Lam    
  • Cathy Laudenbach                       
  • Cinnamon Lee    
  • Michael Le Grand   
  • Rosalind Lemoh
  • Alexander Lewis                
  • John Loane            
  • Dan Lorrimer
  • Daniel ‘Byrd’ Maginnity
  • Peter Maloney   
  • Natalie Mather    
  • Joy Mcdonald        
  • Kerry McInnis 
  • Anita McIntyre
  • Suzanne Moss    
  • Alison Munro      
  • Sarah Murphy      
  • Paul Murray     
  • Katy Mutton  
  • Timo Nest   
  • Derek O’Connor
  • Meelan Oh                           
  • Mike Parr 
  • John Pratt               
  • Maxine Price   
  • Claire Primrose  
  • John Reid                
  • Gilbert Riedelbauch
  • Steve Roper
  • Brenda Runnegar
  • Luna Ryan   
  • Julie Ryder   
  • Eve Sawa
  • Harriet Schwarzrock        
  • Kerry Shepherdson     
  • Tara Shield   
  • Tom Skeehan
  • Bernie Slater   
  • Julie Spencer   
  • Kate Stevens   
  • Dan Stewart-Moore           
  • Nick Stranks
  • Sue Taylor  
  • Clare Thackway
  • Frank Thirion
  • Helen Tiernan
  • Peter Vandermark
  • Ruth Waller                         
  • Marzena Wasikowska                  
  • Gina Wyatt  
  • Barak Zelig
  • GW Bot         
  • Elizabeth Kelly                                           
  • Genevieve Swifte  
  • Richard Larter                                            
  • Gary Smith              
  • Rob Little
  • Trevor Dunbar