Other Awards

Eligibility: Open to residents of Canberra and the region only.Other Awards

Tall Foundation Award 
An open grant of $3000 for new and emerging artists to help research techniques/themes for a body of work. This is designed for a post-graduate honours student who does not intend to do any further post-grad study and wants to kick-start their career.

Canberra Weekly AwardOther Awards
$1000 is offered as a general grant.

MPS Travel + Tours Performers’ Award Other Awards
2 x $1000 awards are offered for artists working in performance disciplines.

Other Awards

Shaw & Partners Award
$2000 is offered as a general grant                                                                             

Craft ACT Outstanding Practice Award

Other Awards$2000 is offered as a general grant


Workplace Research Associates Award
$1500 is offered as a general grantOther Awards

Capital Chemist Award Other AwardsA general grant of $1500 for a mid-career artist in any field.




Creations of Manuka Award
$1000 is offered for a mid-career artist.Other Awards



The Cook Creative Writing Prize
$500 is offered as a prize for creative writers.

Emerging Artists’ Awards

The All Insure Emerging Artist AwardOther Awards
3 x $500 grants that will be awarded to emerging artists.

The Canberra Museum & Gallery Emerging Artist Award
A grant of $500 that will be awarded to an emerging artist.

Craft ACT Emerging Artist AwardOther Awards
A grant of $500 that will be awarded to an emerging artist.



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It is the policy of CAPO to award grants to individuals and cultural organisations for specific projects – not to contribute to general operating costs or to fund projected deficits in budgets.