2020 Award Recipients

The CAPO Fellowship was not awarded in 2020 due to CAPO holding over our major fundraising event, the CAPO Auction until next year for COVID-19 related reasons. The 2019 CAPO Fellow, Julie Bradley, will remain as CAPO Fellow until next year.

The Rosalie Gascoigne Memorial Award has been presented to Scott Chaseling. Scott will use this Award to create a new body of work for his first solo exhibition in 10 years, to be held at Canberra Glassworks. The Rosalie Gascoigne Memorial Award is jointly funded by Bates & Pickering and CAPO.

The Tall Foundation Award was awarded to Mahala Hill. Mahala will use the funds from this award to install a gas kiln to extend her practice which centres on material exploration and experimental firing; the new work will be exhibited in late 2021.

The Raine and Horne Commercial Award was awarded to Sarit Cohen. The award will have a major impact on her artistic and technical development and be instrumental in supporting her transition to the next level of her professional practice in building intimate hand-made ceramic objects.

The Robert Foster Memorial Award was presented to Marissa Ziesing, for the development of new silversmithing and jewellery work here in Canberra, to be launched at the renowned Goldsmiths’ Fair 2021 in London, UK. The Robert Foster Memorial Award is jointly funded by TSA and CAPO.

The Craft ACT Award was given to Sharon Peoples, who will use the funding to spend significant time producing an image of an embroidered three-dimensional body constructed of local Canberra wildflowers.

The Canberra Weekly Award was presented to Hannah Gason, to purchase a glass grinder for the development of new work, sustainability of practice, and exhibition outcomes.

There were two winners of a MPS Travel & Tours Award this year. The first was given to Alex Lundy for a collaboration project with two other artists. The artists (Alex, Eve Murray-Fairhall and Madalyn Trewin) will work collaboratively by combining music, poetry and printmaking. The goal is to present an exhibition to support the launch of a debut EP.

The other MPS Travel & Tours Award went to Lexi Sekuless. Lexi intends to produce and perform in a live theatrical production of Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”, across important Canberra sites (Kambri at the Australian National University, and the National Arboretum), where the Canberra community can gather together safely.

The winner of the Capital Chemist Award was Marilou Chagnaud. This award will allow her to work with Nicholas Harper from Measured Framing to develop customised timber frames for a new series of medium-scale hand-folded and digitally printed paper works.

The inaugural Creations of Manuka Award went to Madisyn Zabel. Madisyn will use her award to cultivate the skills required, through neon classes, to then create new installation work for the Canberra Glassworks in 2021.

The Cook Creative Writing Prize was awarded to Greg Gould, who will use the funding to help develop his directing and writing skills as he turns his hand from playwright to film maker.

The Urban Pantry Manuka Emerging Artist Award went to Katrina Leske, who will use the Award to establish a home studio by converting an existing space into a small ceramics studio and private teaching workshop.

The PSC Capital Insurance Brokers Emerging Artist Award went to Bryan Foong. Bryan will use this funding in a project that is a significant turning point in his emerging practice, in that he is intersecting his background in the biological sciences and medicine with queer and painting practice to better interrogate the body politics that have been the concern of his previous work.

The McGrath Woden Emerging Artist Award was given to Jess Higgins. Jess will be using this grant to explore the medium of charcoal she collected from the devastated landscape that was a result of the 2019-2020 bushfire season.

The inaugural Balmain Financial Emerging Artist award went to Dan Power. He will use the funding to create a series of engraved animal skulls as part of an on-going exploration of conservation of Australian flora and fauna in the Anthropocene.

The Craft ACT Emerging Artist Award went to Daniel Leone. He will use this award to assist in the creation of furniture sculpted from Eucalyptus burl timber.