2018 Award Recipients

CAPO’s most prestigious award was presented by Patricia Piccinini to painter Marie Hagerty who will be the 2018 CAPO Fellow. Marie intends to use her Fellowship Award to mount an exhibition of her paintings at Olsen Gruin Gallery, New York in January 2019, as well as pursuing a new development in her practice incorporating assemblage.

The Rosalie Gascoigne Memorial Award has been presented to Katy Mutton. Katy will use this Award to achieve an expansive body of work exploring counter-surveillance movements combining 3D printing, constructed textiles and installation. This work will initially be exhibited in Plexus at Blindside in Melbourne in September 2019. The Rosalie Gascoigne Memorial Award is partly funded by Bates & Pickering.

The Tall Foundation Award was awarded to Hannah Gason. Hannah intends to use this award to purchase a glass kiln to create a new body of work for a solo exhibition at Sabbia Gallery, Paddington, in 2019.

The Robert Foster Memorial Award was presented to Larah Nott. Larah will use funding from this Award in constructing a specialised hydraulic press and tooling for the production of a new body of objects and jewellery for the exhibition #somewhereinfyshwick in 2019. The Robert Foster Memorial Award is partly funded by Xact Consulting.

The Canberra Weekly Award was presented to Dianna Nixon, who will use this Award to travel to the UK in 2019 to attend the Estill World Voice Symposium, undertake coaching with leading voice coaches, and connect with music theatre and opera companies.

The Dixon Advisory Award was given to Julian Laffin. He will use this award to further develop contemporary exploration of the woodcut image as a sculptural form in both scale and dimensions to communicate observations and meditations of place and experience.

The inaugural Shaw & Partners Award was given to Nick Stranks to enable him to attend an art residency in Vancouver, Canada.

The Belconnen Arts Centre Inclusion Award went to Maria Cofinas. Maria will use this Award to create a working art space, titled Art Sparks, to ignite the fire of self-expression and shine a light on forgotten voices and unfolding dreams.

The MPS Travel & Tours Award was given to the Canberra Mandolin Orchestra. The CMO’s proposed project is to capture on a CD the music traditional to many of the cultures and ethnic groups that settled in the Canberra region after World War II.

 The winner of the Capital Chemist Award was Shags, who will use this Award to create a grid of black abstracted geometric shapes made out of laser cut marine plywood spell out a sentence that encourages viewers to grow their empathy, to be exhibited as part of Blaze XIII at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space in 2019.

The Workplace Research Associates Award went to Cathy Franzi, who will use this to cover the costs of presenting a paper at the 2019 Australian Ceramics Triennale, and to stage a solo exhibition at Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens during the event.

The inaugural Canberra Glassworks Award was presented to Madisyn Zabel. Madisyn will use the Award to help fund the development of new large-scale glass/mixed media sculptures for a year-long exhibition at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery in 2019.

The Urban Pantry Manuka Award went to Marilou Chagnaud, who will use the Award to create a new series of prints based upon research on the dialogue between architecture and nature in Japan. They will be exhibited in a new solo exhibition at the end of 2019.

The Macquarie Telecom Award went to painter Emma Beer, who will use the funding to create a significant body of new work which engages with the history of modernist painting and questions its limitations and meaning, for exhibition in 2019.

The Capital Insurance Brokers Emerging Artist Award went to Naomi Taylor Royds. Naomi will use the Award to fund the purchase of essential basic workshop equipment to support the continuation of her sculptural practice as an emerging artist.

The McGrath Woden Emerging Artist Award was given to Sian Watson. Sian will use the Award to fund the construction of a flat workspace and a portable photography studio to enhance the quality of her practice and productivity of time, space and artwork.